Cheyenne SP2-400 / 600

Structuring Brushing Machines

The rusticating machine for wooden artefacts such as beads, boards, profiles, beams and strip wood for flooring, with maximum width 40 or 60 cm x 30 cm high. Equipped with integrated shaft-motor, diameter 45 mm, to guarantee maximum rigidity, and high speed dynamically balanced brushes that work without vibrations. The machine consists of two independent and separate brushing groups; the first group (steel brush) is used for roughing while the second (silicon carbide brush) is used for finishing. It is possible to vary the degree of rusticating by setting the working depth.



Machine dimensions
130x100x160 130x130x160
420 kg 580 kg
Maximum width of the piece
40 cm 60 cm
Maximum height of the piece
30 cm 30 cm
Minimum length of the piece
30 cm 40 cm
Number of brushes
2 2
Brush diameter
max 20 cm max 20 cm
Aspiration hoods
2 x 15 cm 2 x 15 cm
Adjustable feeding speed
By gearmotor By gearmotor
Feeding speed
3-15 mt/min 3-15 mt/min
Brush speed
1000 rpm 1000 rpm
Brush lifting
Manual handwheel Manual handwheel
Brush height position
Mech. displayed Mech. displayed
Hold-down pressures
Adjustable by springs Adjustable by springs
Motor power
4 hp 5.5 hp
Power supply voltage
380 V — 50 Hz 380 V — 50 Hz


Inverter for variable feeding speed
Inverter for variable brush speed
Infeed - outfeed idle roller table
Brush with oscillating movment
Electrical lifting with digital read-out (available for brushes and chain)