Cheyenne SP / HURON

Structuring Brushing Machines

The traditional SP rusticating line for wooden items such as beads, boards, profiles, beams and strip wood for flooring, with maximum width 40 or 60 cm x 30 cm high is now available with an innovative additional working unit: the HURON head.  Thanks to a sanding paper belt which works in a orthogonal way related to the feed of the work-piece the metal hairs produce cuts cross the fibres creating a type of finishing called "saw thread effect” very popular in old and moder design.



Machine dimensions
185x136x170 185x100x170
620 kg 520 kg
Maximum width of the piece
60 cm 40 cm
Maximum thickness of the piece
30 cm 30 cm
Minimum length of the piece
50 cm 50 cm
Feeding speed
3 - 15 mt/min 3 - 15 mt/min
Feeding speed adjustment
Gear motor Gear motor
Hold-down pressures
Adjustable by springs Adjustable by springs
Number of brushes
2 2
Brush diameter
max 20 cm max 20 cm
Brush speed
1000 rpm 1000 rpm
Number of chain
1 1
Chain width
70 mm 70 mm
Chain speed
180 rpm 180 rpm
Brushes and chain lifting
Manual hand-wheel Manual hand-wheel
Aspiration hoods
3 x 15 cm 3 x 15 cm
Brush motor power
5,5 hp 4 hp
Chain motor power
7,5 hp 6 hp


Inverter for feeding speed adjustment
Inverter for brush speed adjustemnt
Inverter for chain speed adjustment
Brush with oscillating movment
Electrical lifting with digital read-out (available for brushes and chain)
Infeed - outfeed idle roller table