Cheyenne 4F

Structuring Brushing Machines

Rusticating machine for beams with contemporary rusticating on 3 or 4 sides. Maximum size 60x60. machine equipped with large- diameter brushes. This system ensures high performance and longer life of the brushes.



Exterior dimensions
460x240x260 240x360x260
4500 Kg 3200 kg
Maximum width of the piece
60 cm 60 cm
Maximum height of the piece
60 cm 60 cm
Minimum length of the piece
100 cm 100 cm
Diameter of the brushes
40 cm 25 cm
No. brushes per side
2 2
Rotation of the brushes
400 g/min 900 g/min
Adjustable feed
3 - 12 m/min 3 - 12 m/min


Floating thickness, the four vertical brushes are mounted on the same guide and can move sideways following the arch shape of the beam.
Adjustment of the brush rotation speed with independent electronic inverter.
Loading/unloading of the roller conveyors, 65 x 250 cm modules.
Two-axis motorised positioning, controlled by programmable electronic computer; invoking of the programs with function keys under the beam; possibility of work in automatic or in manual mode by moving the axles with electric servo control.
Increased power brush motors.
Air blade diffusers for cleaning sawdust from the beam.
Tilted brushing device for "uso fiume" and "uso trieste" (parallel beams, partially squared beams) for sturdy independent frame design, fixed both to the ground and to the supporting structure of the brushing machine, asynchronous high power motors.