Autospray 100

Spraying Machines

The automatic sprayer for wood elements model AUTOSPRAY 100 is specifically designed for continuous-cycle and high-speed finishing jobs for max workpiece section 10 (h) x 30 (w) cm 

Made to cater for stringent protection and top-quality requirements.

The protective outdoor and interior coatings (finishing coats) are very dense and in some cases take the form of gels that are hard to apply using traditional systems impregnation machine.

That’s why they have to be sprayed using high-pressure systems.

The products that can be applied are: solvent dyes, water dyes, UV dyes, solvent paints, water paints, UV paints and oils




Number of drainage tanks for waste color
External dimensions of the machine approx
338 x 145 x 250 cm
Minimum length of the piece
100 cm
Minimum width of the piece
1 cm
Maximum width of the piece
30 cm
Maximum height of the piece
10 cm
Minimum height of the piece
1 cm
Minimum feed speed of the piece
from 10 mt/min
Maximum feed speed of the piece
65 mt/min
Exhaust aspirator flow rate
4000 m3/hour
Guns opening air operating pressure
5 bar
Motor power
1,9 Kw


Guns equipment and high pressure AIRLESS pump
Guns equipment and low pressure AIRLESS pump