Sanding machines with brushes and discs for windows (assembled and disassembled), doors, cabinet and panels

The FIBERTECH-S finishing line has been designed for the sanding of individual pieces: beads, window frames or doors, square structures of all types; unfinished products, veneered or painted items.

FIBERTECH-S thanks to the innovative and patented system of cross-cutting via rotary discs of the product fibres, ensures a perfect cut of the same, a result impossible to obtain with traditional systems. This system prevents lifting after the application of water- based primers or other wood preservatives, almost always avoiding the intermediate sanding normally required with traditional sanding systems, thus resulting in significant time-saving and above all preventing the removal of an important part of the previously applied product.
In practice this means important labour saving in many manual processes, greater safety at work and above all longer life of the product with no, or at least insignificant, removal of the previously applied protective materials.

The FIBERTECH-S line has been designed in a modular manner in order to allow the machine to be composed with the number and type of operating groups most suited to the needs of each customer.



External dimensions of the machine approx
620 x 140 x 180 cm
3100 kg
Maximum width of the piece
20 cm
Maximum height of the piece
12 cm
Number of brushes
6 (2 right + 2 left + 1 top + 1 bottom)
Diameter of the brushes
35 cm (left + right) 30 cm (top + bottom)
Number of sanding discs
2 (1 top + 1 bottom)
Diameter of sanding discs
40 cm
Power supply voltage
400 Volt – 50 Hz
Total power
15 kw


Two-stages sanding disc
Vertical sanding disc (left / right)
Rotative cup brushes
Electronic side fence
Self-learning piece system (section and profile)