Cheyenne SP4-400 / 600 SS

Rusticating Brushing Machines

Rusticating machine with 4 heads, 2 upper and 2 lower, for artefacts such as boards and profiles in WPC (Wood-plastic Composites) with maximum width 40 or 60 cm x 20 cm high. The motor-shaft group is integrated by a 45 mm diameter to ensure maximum rigidity with high-speed dynamically balanced brushes to work without vibrations. The machine consists of two independent and separate brushing groups; the first group (steel brush) is used for roughing while the second (silicon carbide brush) is used for finishing.


Approx. external dimensions
820 Kg
Maximum working width
40 cm | 60 cm
Maximum working thickness
20 cm
Minimum working length
50 cm
Number of brushes
2 upper 2 lower
Diameter of brushes
Max 20 cm
Suction hoods
4 x dia. 15 cm
Feed speed adjustment
Feeding speed
3-12 mt/min
Brushes height positioning
Manual hand wheels
Brushes height position
Displayed on millimeter scale
Brush motor power
4 hp (brush width 400 mm) 5.5 hp (brush width 600 mm)


Variable brush speed with inverter
Set of blowers for brush cooling and dust removing
Infeed / outfeed conveyor 45 x 250 cm | 65 x 250 cm
Upper brush with oscillation
Electric belt and brushes positioning