Cheyenne Basic 1

Rusticating Brushing Machines

Antiquing machine for wood elements for constant profile carpentry, such as: beams, planks and beads with 50 cm maximum width and 40 cm maximum height. Equipped with independent brush groups, single command to allow fine adjustments also with different brushes. Independent metric line height display and electronically positioned brushes


External dimensions of the machine approx
200x140x220 cm
1200 Kg
Maximum width of the piece
50 cm
Maximum height of the piece
40 cm
Minimum length of the piece
60 cm
Number of heads
Diameter of the brushes
20 cm
Feed speed with inverter
3-12 m/min
Motor power
5,5 Hp
Suction nozzles
2 x 15 cm
Beam feed pressor
Mechanical display on metric line
Any additional heads


Loading/unloading roller conveyors, no. 2 modules, 62 x 250 cm.
Oscillation of Brushes
Brush speed control electronic inverter