Eco Cleaner L. 200

Water clarifiers

Operation of the machine is simple: using the pneumatic pump and the suction probe, the waste water from washing is pumped into the upper tank. Here a clayey reagent (flocculent) is introduced that, stressed by the electromechanical agitator, separates the solid part from the liquid part. During the reaction, the primer part dissolved in water thickens to form a compact residual compound that, after being filtered, is stored and subsequently managed by special waste companies.


External dimensions of the machine approx
220x120x100 cm
Tank capacity
200 lt.
Automatic filling pump
Pump Delivery
80 lt/min
Lower wheeled tank
200 lt.
Electro-mechanical agitator
Three-phase electric
Agitator rotation
1 speed
Electrical system with CE legally compliant protections